By Jodie Bomze, reporter and photographer

The vibrant red-orange statue of a woman breathes a little life into the PPCC Downtown Campus.

Standing just outside the Marie Walsh Sharp Creative Commons, “Breathe”, is a fiery 11-foot-tall sculpture of a woman, who invites all to admire and some to photograph.

I photographed her in the late afternoon so that the setting sun illuminated her side of the building.

The curvature of the raised rock bed, along with the strip of winding dark concrete, draw your eye toward the orange nude. Her raised arms and curved back, welcome you closer. She evokes power and inspiration.

Her curved pose is also an appealing juxtaposition to the hard-line grid of the window panes behind her. I captured her reflection to emphasize this contrast.

My exposure was F16, 1/125, with an 11-16mm wide-angle lens on a tripod.

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