With the sun mid-way through Taurus and Venus in the airy sign of Gemini, the cosmos couldn’t create a better send-off for the end of term. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are as driven to manifest real changes as ever. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are getting their hands dirty with some creative projects. The airheads, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are stocking their think tanks for the next solar transit into Gemini. While Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are diving deep into their emotional cores to network.

It’s always good to end on a high note, right?


You’ve got this deliberate, persistent drive to make some moolah. The future is on your mind as you’re wrapping up the end of a prolific solar transit. Your birthday enlivened you. And that, paired with Mercury in your sign plus Mars in Capricorn equals some seriously faithful energy. Still, don’t get too rigid or frustrated when things don’t work for you. You can’t control it all. And there is always tomorrow. Just take the rest of Taurus season bird by bird. Before you know it, you’ll have organized a clear path to actualizing your goals.


It’s your season, Taurus, and you’re looking for something to get excited about. Little do you know, my Bull friend, you don’t have to wait. You’re a builder and always have been. So get crafty with your creative gifts and make, bake, or sculpt something! The simplest forms of expression will bring you joy if you remember what you value most: the tangible things in life. Your senses are sharp and sensitive, but eager to experience the earthly pleasures of spring. Satisfaction can come from a sniff of a fresh flower, a home cooked meal, a night out with your fellow hedonists.


Venus in your sign is making you even more flirtatious and playful than usual (which is saying a lot, because you’re the zodiac’s trickster, always trifling with people). Your curiosity is driving more romantic and social interactions, which means more animated conversations. But the buzzing Mercury bird needs a rest in the nest before its birthday. Take the remaining days of Taurus season to tap into your brain bank before the sun zooms into your sign. Get your fingers out of those pies, Gemini, and think like a bee: you can’t pollinate forever, and will eventually need a pattern and some down time to make sweet honey.


You’re making progress at lightning speeds, racking up professional opportunities and making connections with all the right people. The inner you –the loony, sympathetic, and receptive self–is communicating to the far reaches of the galaxy. You are confident in your purpose and path, and making all the right decisions without a doubt in your (usually) wavering mind. Please, for the benefit of mankind, Cancer, keep these positive vibes. We know you get emotional from time to time–trust me, we all know–but you are so much more productive and entertaining when your lunar spirits are exalted.


Leo, say hello to career and project management these next weeks. This is your time to flex those vocational muscles and network. Show off. Present the dominant side of yourself and you’ll see a big boost in your energy and confidence. And we all know what happens when a Lion is feeling confident: they materialize their goals and rise to positions of power. Bonus: you’ve got the loving support of your close family, which further helps you blossom as you transition out of Taurus season. Your gravitational pull is overshadowing any trace of weakness or doubt (but you don’t ever have those, do you?)


Take a journey, Virgo, to the far reaching parts of your thinking. Sound scary? Don’t worry, it won’t ruffle the feathers of your status quo. In fact, you’ll find yourself asking big picture questions about your life path and the long-term. This is a good thing, trust me. Expect a wider perspective and boost in dignity. Did you face your fears like I said before? If so, then you have nothing to be afraid of. If not, then you have no one to blame for your self-righteous viewpoint but you. But you do this on the daily, so best not to be too hard on yourself. The ultimate takeaway for these next weeks: saying goodbye to narrow mindedness.


What’s that, Libra? You want to be alone? It’s a rare time of the season to hear you–the zodiac’s perennial partner–demand isolation. Think about all the parties you’ll be missing out on? Oh, that’s right, you are thinking about them–intensely. Understand the difference between obligation and choice.This is an annual lesson meant to assist you through the rest of the year. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to balance your alone time with more alone time. People drain you when you let them. Independence is just what the cosmos orders. Ask yourself (and weigh the options): what’s wrong with being by yourself?


Scorpio, it’s time for your favorite battle: me versus we. You’re looking at life through a lense of opportunistic partnerships. Who can you buddy up with to transform the remainder of your year. Not that you rely on anyone for, well, anything. Still, you can draw a high amount of fulfillment from sharing yourself with others. Just don’t fall into your usual trap of possessiveness and jealousy. This is a time of romance and relationships –not resentment towards those who you feel have more love than you. You can win the me/we battle if you learnt to balance the two energies and blend with those who want you.


Take care of yourself, Sagg. Nobody else in your life will. Not that you have unreliable contacts or anything. It’s just that Venus in Gemini (your opposite sign) might cause some friction between you and your social circle. Or perhaps the love planet will add some much needed breeziness into your love life. Either way, your need for a self-care routine is as important as ever. Did you spend the majority of Aries season stuffing your face and cry-eating? Let the full moon in Scorpio on the 29th open your idealistic eyes to the truth: personal care is just as physical as it is emotional.


The remainder of this solar cycle gives you an  overwhelming desire to take matters into your own hands — literally. Capricorn, you’ve got your determined goat eye set on rebuilding a hobby project from the ground up. Now is the time to get creative. Just be on the watch for pushiness and power struggles, which you are more prone to than your other zodiac compatriots. You’re the natural-born leader. I get it, but others might take your willful ambition the wrong way. If you get too forceful with your revision agenda, you might knock down a few pillars of pent-up pique you’ve long buried (since, like, ever).


Have you lost your footing? Not enough change happening? Feel like you’ll never get rid of those homebody blues? No, this isn’t an advert for some self-help book promising you inner peace. Only you can give yourself that my dear Water Bearer. If you reclaim the consistency you’ve lost along the Taurus solar transit. With Venus in Gemini, change is unavoidable. Mix. Mingle. Go out and get inspired while romance is in the air sign (your elemental brethren) before you shift into more creative gears. It’ll be a satisfying adjustment that is sure to draw out your inner raconteur and give you a boost.


You, my Fish, are shifting out of the communication sector of your chart and into that of home and family– your emotional core. Relationship issues and fears rise to the surface as you wade through your pond of habits, fears, and dreams. You’re looking for unconditional love and sustainable intimacy. At your core, you’re the giver in relationships. It might do you some good to cozy up at home with someone who provides you with the gifts you so often give to others.

Remember though: you don’t need the close familiarity of some stranger to feel at home with yourself. It is your mission for the remainder of Taurus season to provide for yourself.

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Camille Liptak is Cosmic Cannibal. You can contact her at paper@ppcc.edu