By Jenna Benson and Deidre Schoolcraft, Editors


One of the perks of working at the Downtown Campus is that we’re surrounded by gorgeous student art all the time.

We walk by these pieces to and from the new Marie Walsh Sharp Creative Commons, and we’re stunned at the variety and beauty created by our students every week.

The works featured here are currently on display.


By Lila Pacheco, Triadic Masterwork of Chagall’s “The Artist and His Bride”

We like Pacheco’s better than Chagall’s!

By P.J. Solomon, 3-D Wire Sculpture, Untitled

By Aesum Goh, Sculpture, “Homage to George Segal”









By Anolani Coon, Pen & Ink, “Bonsai Tree”


KEEP AN EYE ON THE GARDEN OUTSIDE the Creative Commons. A new piece is coming next week that’ll raise some eyebrows.