Introduction: My Information, Not Yours!

Don’t ever share your information or give it out in a hurry. Be thoughtful. You can always call back and research the topic.  If it sounds wrong, double check – always. Once your information is stolen, it is gone and can create a very large headache – sometimes forever. Criminals don’t know you personally and don’t care – they just want to make a profit off your valuable and personal information  Protect yourself and your personal information – it is your life and your children’s lives that are important to guard at all times!

Identity Theft

If your information is stolen, cyber criminals will sort through your data and see what will fetch the highest price, then they will sell it to telemarketers, and sell it on the dark web for profit. They also can use it to make large purchases and leave your life in disaster.

Cyber Criminals want your SS #.  They can open financial accounts, steal your benefits, get medical care and so much more.  You only get one SS# – Protect it always!

Never think your child is safe from identity theft. They are the most vulnerable of all. Leaving them alone to play with technology can give predators and cyber criminals an open door to take their information!

How to Stay Safe Online

  • Double Authentication
  • Destroy old Hard drives
  • Be careful where you click
  • Always go into settings to protect your information
  • Use strong passwords
  • Stay aware and teach others


“I had my identity stolen 20 years ago and it has been a non-stop process of speaking with private investigators to get my social security benefits corrected.  I’ve had as many as 10 other names listed on my social security benefits for one year.  Sometimes it has stated that I’ve made only a quarter of what I made in that year and sometimes 3 times more than what I’ve made.  I have bought a boat in Florida that I defaulted on the loan that I never purchased, and I got a call that someone was using my SS# for food stamps. My number is out there, and I’ll have to deal with this for the rest of my life.”

-Matt Ricci


Always be protective of your information. It is hard to keep track of your passwords, so using password management tools such as Last Pass make this easier. Teach your children and your parents as they age how important it is to protect their information, their finances and their futures.