The Covid-19 outbreak forced the world away from the normal routines with our family, friends, and social circles over the past year.  As a new student, working toward a new career path, I had to find new methods and organizations with which to meet new people, expand my network, and collaborate with my peers.

Networking Events and Organizations:

The Information Systems Security Association gave me the opportunity to network with many of the leaders in the Cybersecurity field both locally in Colorado Springs and from across the United States.  They strive to promote community, education, and experience and have been an invaluable resource for their knowledge and friendships.

The PPCC Cyber Club took part in the National Cyber League competition and provided the team a chance to compete against 922 other schools and universities from across the United States.  Working together virtually, we were able to achieve a national ranking of 32nd place and formed new friendships both locally and with other schools across Colorado.

The PPCC Cyber Club was the centerpiece from which all the events and professional relationships started from.  The Cyber Club provided a chance to take part in local and national events, provided additional training, and organized meetings with multiple post associate universities.


The pandemic has helped us as a society use the tools available to maintain our needs for socialization, allowing us to connect with more people in our community or stay in touch with those we may not have been able to see in person.Robert Drone, PPCC Student, about working virtually

“It helped me better my skills in teamwork with people again all over the US that otherwise I would not have met. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and work with people I had never met in person or knew much about. This also allowed me to learn from them and the skills they brought to the table.”Ebisa Dundas, PPCC Student, about working virtually


Since the COVID-19 restrictions have placed limitations on our ability to interact with others in the more traditional sense, alternative methods of building our personal networks and new relationships has been required.  Stepping out of comfort zones, initiating conversations, and making the effort to participate in events and activities has not only helped me grow as an individual but has introduced me to new friends and potential future collogues as well as provided opportunities to expand my education and experiences.