By Dejanique Calloway, reporter


Disney/Pixar celebrates Mexican culture and the importance of family with the release of their animated film, Coco this holiday season.

The film, directed by Lee Unkrich [Toy Story 2/3, Finding Nemo] and Adrian Molina, is a film about a young boy named Miguel [voiced by Anthony Gonzalez] who dreams of becoming a famous musician like his idol Ernesto De La Cruz [Benjamin Bratt].

Despite his talents, Miguel’s family doesn’t support his dream due to their generational ban on music. Upset by his family’s lack of support, Miguel runs away to Ernesto De La Cruz’ tomb during the festivities of Dios de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

After attempting to steal De La Cruz’ guitar, Miguel is transported to the colorful Land of the Dead.

Determined to pursue his dreams, Miguel meets a con artist named Hector [Gael Garcia Bernal], who embarks on Miguel’s journey to uncover the truth about his family’s past.

Coco is filled with warm, vibrant colors along with culturally appropriate graphics.

The film does a phenomenal job respecting Mexican culture, including presenting the dead through the use of decorative skeletons (in Mexican culture known as Sugar Skulls), commonly associated with The Day of the Dead.

Like some of its’ glossy Pixar-animated predecessors, Coco delivers fresh, heartwarming music, that will make your list of favorites.  Remember Me, a song, performed by Ernesto De La Cruz, about separation and remembrance, will bring tears to your eyes.

Coco is a remarkable film that teaches it’s audience the importance of honor and forgiveness.

Coco is a must see family flick this season.

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