The completion of Mercury’s retrograde ushers in an Aries double whammy of warriorness when the sun and moon conjunct on the 15th.

We will all be fighting for our right to feel and do as we please (expect mucho impulsiveness from those rams and fellow fire signs).

Spring fever is definitely in the air, but will be curtailed by Saturn in Capricorn’s slow turn backwards on the 17th (another retrograde, yay). This is a cosmic reversal that demands practical resolutions to pressing issues we’ve pushed aside.

Reflection is a must during this lunation, and will prevent the misuse of our mid-month motivation.


Spring is your favorite time of the year because it means you can celebrate your birth and reset your hopes for the rest of the year. The sun-moon conjunction on the 15th renders passionate emotional responses to external stimuli and elevated intuition. You are at once fearless, exposed, and raw – which is the exact state in which you thrive. Still, be wary of taking everything to heart (which you are wont to do anyways). Work on being patient as you reflect on what is being thrown your way instead of rushing through it like a freight train from Mars.


Unease and disillusionment color your first few weeks of spring (sorry, it’s just the way it is). What once seemed concrete and foolproof is now slippery and strange. Though your ESP is at its year-high zenith, you are also feeling extra, well, feely. Suffice to say, this is not a great time to make major decisions, as your usual grounded logic has lost its footing. Take the time to rest, dream, and be your most receptive Venusian self. Ultimately, April asks you to make frequent deposits into your psychic bank so that you can feel revitalized by #Taurusseason.


Spring for you means two things: inspiration and collaboration. But before you jump the gun and go pollinating, you must first figure out the flower you want to bloom. The Aries new moon on the 15th gives you coordination clarity. Use your Mercury mind to map out a rough sketch of what to accomplish these months prior to your b-day and get rid of the toxic thought patterns not serving you. Most importantly: look before you leap into the pool of possibility, plan your moves accordingly, and buddy up with a kindred spirit to make your Spring dreams come true.


The only thing on your mind right now is the long-term. You are bound and determined to succeed. On the 15th, the sun and moon join together, as does your emotional response to your career. Capitalize on your Aries-inspired urgency and sudden goal-setting. Prove the haters wrong and hustle to your heart’s content. Then watch your hard work pay off and get ready to be celebrated by the audience of your choosing. Just watch that your claws don’t turn into pincers! Broaden your horizons and grow into your vocation, but don’t forget the people who helped you along the way.


It’s been a rocky road of intense navel-gazing and soul-searching. But finally, finally,the sun has come back! Get out of the shadows and explore your passions this spring. Be it philosophical or professional, you’re primed and ready to reach your fullest potential. April is your month for expansion. On the 15th, when the sun and moon conjunct, so too do your emotions sync with your pneuma. Get in touch with your fiery intuition. You’ll discover a strength of feeling that propels you towards your long-term aspirations. But patience is still a virtue, Leo. And you need to pace yourself.


Think of April as your month for some nitty gritty internal spring cleaning. The 15th will remind you how much psychological dirt you’ve been attempting to sweep under the rug. Scour your psyche and get rid of stale beliefs you’ve been holding onto. It won’t be easy (ask Leo), but it’s important to face your fears and brave the emo battle sans sanitary wipes and judgement. Feelings aren’t squeaky clean. Neither is your shadow. Expect a lot of angst and anxiety to rise up out of the cracks before you transform. Come the 19th, you’ll be reincarnated an immaculate intellectual.


April is about important pairs and partnerships. Good news for you, Libra: the 15th’s new moon beckons for reflection, not haste. So you can hem and haw about your relationships all you want. But at some point in this month (say…the 24th, for example), you are going to have to reach a conclusion about whether or not to commit or quit. Stop weighing every single option, your soul mate might not be as patient as you are. You might just miss out on a promising partnership should you get too wrapped up in the mental chess game you call decision-making.


Rigidity is just one of the hallmarks of your fixed personality. On the plus side, you can use your rigor to create healing habits this spring. This is the time for strategic self-service. Probe the parts of your life that aren’t doing you any justice. Up until the 15th, focus your determination on wellness. In what ways can you improve and transform? Use your dual planetary rulers, Mars (the planet of action) and Pluto (the planet of alteration), to your advantage. Investigate your lifestyle choices. Quantify your expenditures of energy and take the small steps towards a significant personal makeover.


April is a wicked awesome time for you to flex your fun muscles. On the 15th, the new moon in Aries will leave you feeling vivacious and galvanized. Get out there and experience the joie de vivre! Culture yourself with fine art. Take a risk on a new romance. Or chase inspiration and use your curiosity to create some new opportunities. Be ready to shine. The sunny limelight is waving you in for some well-deserved basking. It’s only well-deserved if you do something productive, though. Don’t Jupiter to work for you. The world needs your optimism, so share it.


Home is where your head is. Spring is the perfect time to launch any prospective home renovation projects you’ve been pondering. The sun and moon in Aries on the 15th will remind you how much emotional stock you put into your residence and family. Redecorating your household means more than new wallpaper. Home is about closeness, structure, and tradition. You want to make some big changes at home for the sake of your psyche. You want to rebuild your foundations and rekindle your connection to your ancestry. But remember: being the family foreman brings with it new peeving responsibilities.


Guess what Water Bearer? It’s that time of year again, the time to focus on what’s right in front of you: community. Ever since your birthday you’ve been aching to reconnect with your allies and associates. The Aries new moon on the 15th awakens an emotional (yes, emotional) urgency to break bread and bolster bonds with your circle of friends. What’s better is that April will be a fruitful period for your personal growth as well. You will learn from your clique what it means to broaden your frame of reference, and come up with some grand ideas.


It’s high time to be practical about what you value. Making moolah is just one of the byproducts of using your resources (which is, incidentally what April calls you to do). Emotionally, expect some bobbing and weaving. You’ll start off feeling insecure about money matters and all things related to your self-worth. Then as the sun shifts into Taurus on the 19th, sociability and chattiness soar just in time for Venus in Gemini (which amps up your desire to dish even more). Pisces, beware your proclivity for passivity and underappreciation. You’re worth every penny you make and spend!

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