by Colin Bridgman, staff writer


It’s National Poetry Month!

This Saturday, the first-ever Pikes Peak Poetry Summit is set to take place at Knights of Columbus Hall, 20 W. Pikes Peak Ave., from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The fest, organized by Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Ashley Cornelius, is a great opportunity to interact with local poetry and poets. If you have ever wanted to learn about poetry, this is a wonderful spot. The Summit is open to people of all experience levels and will feature performances, panels of local poets (to include Brook Bhagat and Michael Ferguson of PPCC), and writing workshops.  


9:00 am   Attendees arrive 

9:45 am   Welcome, intro, and housekeeping 

10:00 am   Keynote & Performance by Ashley Cornelius

10:30 am   Performance by Bobby LeFebre, Colorado State Laureate

10:50 am   Break 

11:00 am   Moderated Panel of Local Poets (Nico Wilkinson, Nate Marshall, Brook Bhagat, Rosegold Poet, Chris Beasley)

11:55 am    Performance by Michael Ferguson

12:00 pm  Lunch

(Musical Artist) Quincy Stewart

12:45pm Speakeasy performance

1:00 pm   Moderated Panel of Past Poet Laureates (Susan Pfieffer, Jim Ciletti and Ashley Cornelius) 

1:30pm   Sessions

A: Random Poetry Generation Workshop with Andrew Ziegler

B: Poetry as Activism Workshop with Ashley Cornelius 

2:15 pm   Sessions

A: Metaphor with Nico Wilkinson

B: Writing Workshop with David-Elijah Brown

2:15 pm-3:45 pm   Session

C: Haiku Workshop with Cynthia Chung Ali

3:00 pm  Session

A: Zine Making Workshop with Pikes Peak Zine Fest

3:45 pm   Closing and performance by Ashley Cornelius 


There will be bagels and coffee for breakfast and food trucks for lunch. 

If poetry performances pique your interest, or you have always wanted to learn how to write sonnets or free verse, this Summit is for you. For more information check out: