by Ally Archuleta, staff writer

The PPSC Math Department is delighted to announce that there will be an in-person Mathematics Colloquium this Spring. It is to take place  Friday, April 21, 2023 in Room W101 at the Rampart Campus.

Students are encouraged to participate.

“We are planning to publish all the presentations [and] posters physically and virtually through The Paper,” says Ivana Seligova, Associate Professor of mathematics.

The Math Colloquium is considered a High Impact Practice (or HIPs) event, in which students “learn by doing,” according to the PPSC website.

The keynote presenter is Nate Wadman, Computer Networking and Cybersecurity faculty.

If students choose to present- their topic choices may vary, but any math or math applied topics are acceptable. Once the presentation is submitted, PPSC has the right to share the work publicly.

The title of the presentation must be shown to your instructor or the Colloquium committee by April 14. The presentation itself should be emailed by April 17 to You can find the presentation template here.

Take this opportunity to share your academic talent with your peers, friends, and family. The Mathematics Colloquium Committee looks forward to seeing your amazing ideas!

How to Get Involved:

  1. Talk to your instructor about your topic choice. Topics can vary – any math or applied math topics are acceptable. To get inspired, use MacTutor History of Mathematics site or ask your instructors for the list of presentation topics.

2. Prepare a poster using the Expo template. You can also prepare a PowerPoint presentation or short video to present at the live event. We are planning to publish all the presentations/posters physically and virtually through The Paper. Please note that by submitting the presentation to HIPS, you are giving PPSC the right to share your work publicly.

  1. Important Dates:
  • Please submit the title of your presentation to your instructor or the colloquium committee by April 14
  • Submit your presentation (poster, ppt, video) to by April 17
  • April 18 – 20 rehearse with your instructor
  • Attend the live event on April 21

Please show up by noon, ready to present.

  • Have your presentation on a flash drive or send it to yourself via PPSC email.
  • Please wear business casual clothing.

If you have any questions, ask your instructor for more information.

To get familiar with the format of student presentations, watch previous math colloquium recordings.