…Mercedes Hackathorn, Samuel Ortiz, and Cyrus Gonzalez


Hypothesis: The golden ratio must start from the center of a fixed and stationary point of energy transfer and continually expand.

The Fibonacci Sequence teaches people that it occurs everywhere, not even just on earth, but in space as well. It applies to other situations such as weather patterns,  the stock market, and our general interactions we have with the natural world.

Real-World Examples:

The Milky Way

The Milky Way has two Fibonacci sequences in it. First, it has spirals which are part of the Fibonacci Sequence, and there are five of these spiral arms in the Milky Way which is a Fibonacci number.

Planaria Example

Planaria, if they are cut in half, regenerate to grow into new worms. If we want to grow them with the Fibonacci Sequence, we must cut a certain amount of worms.

Holly Berries

The holly berries grow in a Fibonacci Sequence, they grow in groups of 8, 5 or 3. The red chokeberries do not grow in a Fibonacci Sequence. Holly berries are toxic while the chokeberries are not. Fibonacci = toxic.

Other Examples:

  • Fixed Hurricane sequences
  • River networks
  • Rose budding petal formation
  • Nautilus shell
  • Sunflower seed patterns
  • Coniferous trees and cones
  • Stock Market

Fact vs. Fiction:

  • Human cells: false ratios in structure vs. actual cell growth models
  • Exponential growth is not directly relatable to the Golden Ratio
  • Fibonacci is a ratio and not a decimal for multiplying integers


In relation to our hypothesis, that the Fibonacci Sequence  starts from a center point, the holly berries do not grow in this way. Although they do grow in a Fibonacci Sequence (in groups of 3, 5 or 8), they don’t grow from a single point and branch out from there.

The Milky Way and the Planaria do, however follow this pattern. The Milky Way does, not only have 5 spiral arms, but they are also all branch out from the center of the galaxy. The Planaria, won’t replicate in a spiral formation, but there is one singular planaria in which the replication of the planaria is based on.

While the Fibonacci sequence is recognized and utilized in the real world variously through sequence and design, it is also the ratio to centrical motion of growth and expansion.


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