by Latrice Owens, staff writer

Mental health has become a critical issue, and accessing mental health services can be difficult with private healthcare’s ever-rising cost. In an effort to embrace wellness, PPSC offers counseling services and fun wellness programs on each campus. Despite this, many students remain unaware of these resources.

It’s common to come across signs advertising a restorative yoga class or on campus, but getting students to recognize and use these resources remains a significant challenge. The truth is, we have plenty of resources at our disposal, but the main obstacle is spreading awareness and encouraging students to make use of them.

“I feel there are sufficient opportunities for help” says Carolyn Owen, a Recreation & Wellness Coordinator at PPSC, “but the knowledge of the programs is extremely lacking. The disconnect, to me, looks to be on how to get the information to students. There is advertising around campus but if students go to class and then leave immediately, they don’t always see the information.”

In addition to on-campus signage, students can easily find information about the medley of services PPSC provides by clicking on the resources tab on the homepage. This information can also be found in the periodic emails that the entire student body receives.


Jessica Hernandez, a second -year culinary arts student, says “I’m not even an e-mail person. So, unless I’m waiting on something or a response from a teacher, I’m not even on my e-mail.”

If students aren’t checking email, then communication is clearly lost.

In an effort to create a more informed environment, Owen says “I would ask the teachers to do a better job of informing students, in the classes and through D2L announcements.”

Mental Health Resources

There are telehealth therapy services available to students through the website BetterMynd.

Students are eligible to sign up if they are over the age of 18. Gaining access is as simple as signing up with your school email address.

Your BetterMynd profile can then be customized to your needs by taking a short questionnaire after you signup. This service affords students access to 5 one-on-one 50-minute therapy sessions with a therapist of your choice. You can also attend up to 3 group therapy sessions.

Additional therapy sessions can be purchased for $80/session once the 5 free sessions are used. Students needing support for themselves or family members who are under the age of 18 can visit to sign up for up to 6 free counseling sessions.

This resource has both telehealth and in-person therapy options. Counseling services are available at every campus. Students are encouraged to make appointments, but they will accommodate walk-ins. Each student is afforded 2 free 50-minute counseling sessions.

Because the human mind is so dynamic, there are multiple styles of services offered including solution-focused, cognitive behavior, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapies. They also provide referrals to external health resources if needed.

Students can call 719 – 502 – 4782 for more information. • Centennial Campus (CC): A141 • Rampart Campus (RRC): N107c • Downtown Campus (DTC): S129