January brought us earthlings a pair of rare supermoons (beginning with Cancer and ending in Leo), coloring the month with accelerated emotional confusion, personal drama, and a cosmic buzz of ambition and opportunity. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, wave goodbye to Capricorn, and heave a heavy sigh of relief, because it is officially Aquarius season. Now, all the opportunities, confusion, and commotion created by the cosmos require one thing: collective organization. Read how your sign is going to fare this month of February.



Change is still in store for you, but you want, nay need it to be real – and like, yesterday. February has awakened your drive for new dreams, connections, and networking. You want to be out and about, but more importantly, you want to do so to make things happen. Talking is nice and all, but you much prefer action. The approval and support of your superiors will give you the incentive to pioneer a new project, which will then, in turn, provide you the outlet your creative energies crave. As much as you hate to slow down, extra rest and reflection will allow you to figure out exactly what that project should be, and who and how you need to make it happen. Above all else, Aries, permit and commit to some wishful thinking.



The lunar eclipse on January 31st opened up some hearth and heritage wounds for you. As such, you’re in desperate need of insulation from the responsibilities of your life. Don’t worry though, balance and beauty will be returned to you once you restructure your priorities. Family may be a touchy subject right now, but not for long. Put your best face forward, think of your reputation, and focus on your career goals to revamp yourself this month. Because let’s face it, if there’s one thing you can do, and do with enviable ease, it’s stage-manage your life for the long-term. The question you should asking yourself is: what is of the greatest importance to me right now? Once you know that, Taurus, you’re solid.



A sudden flash of the future opens your eyes to what you really want, thus shattering your self-limits. Still, the battle between your dreams and duties remains, and causes some internal conflict. Ignored emotions from January are going to swell in importance after the lunar eclipse until you decide to actually address them and figure out how to translate your feelings into words. Discover yourself, and stay focused on your inspirations. It’s time to get metaphysical! This is going to help you make an impact with your studies and communication (after the 19th, of course). Remember Gemini, realizing your potential and becoming your own guru can be equally exhilarating, exhausting, and ultimately, empowering.



All that you have hidden prior to the lunar eclipse is bubbling up to the surface, Cancer, as you come face-to-face with your umbral shadow. Of course, said shadow is going to be Jungian in nature, sneakily materializing as certain irritating individuals who you react to in a rather primal way. Possessiveness and impracticality color the first few weeks of this month. The only way to overcome these moody blues and clinginess is to face your fears. What have you been hiding from? After February 19th, you’ll likely sense the answer deep down in your bones, and have the courage to slay the dragons. After that, you’ll be able to recall what sunshine really feels like.



Conflict and competition — the two main motivators for your actions — are going to interfere with your mindset and relationships. The Leo lunar eclipse on January 31st brought out some, okay, all of your emotions, so you’ll start the month in a state of schmaltz. Let’s be honest, Leo, neither objectivity nor asking for outside assistance have ever been your strong suit, but you need both this month. Be careful not to get too mouthy, boastful, or bossy when working alongside others. And don’t let a rivalry derail you. Instead, turn your fearless reasoning inward to determine why you are attracted to/repulsed by certain people. Are they a reflection of you? After February 19th, the looking glass of your psyche will reveal all.



After January 31st, be mindful of what you consume, as any bad media/nutritional juju will most definitely affect your mind right now, and later show up on your body (it is a temple, after all). You need to retreat into your private hideaway, because you are feeling extra sensitive, and cannot bear coming into contact with others just yet. Everyone will seem to say and do the wrong thing until after February 19th. So take the time to silence your inner critic, and do something nice for yourself. Then you can go back to your routine of organizing and analyzing every detail you encounter. Bonus: you’ll get back to being busy, as your period of seclusion recharged your nervous system. Then, Virgo, your tasks and to-do’s will get done without the slightest emotional interference.



You’ve been doing your due diligence throughout January, keeping your nose to the grindstone, paying close attention to the particulars, and generally staying home. Not this month. Your inner child is awake and ready to play. February is all about socialization, enjoyment, and light-heartedness. Expect lots of laughter and love. Some weekend or evening festivities are going to loosen you up, and reconnect you with your best buds or beaus. It’s a great time for romance, Libra, as your charm, sweetness, and flirtiness are through the roof. The fun and games won’t last forever, though. Come February 19th, you’ll have to go back to work. But you’ll do so willingly, as you always need to keep things balanced.



Home is sanctuary this month, Scorpio, as the world with all its mood swings may be bit heavy for you to handle. Turn inward to find security and get close with your nurturing side. January 31st marked a surge in popularity for you, and people are cozying up for your special brand of protective care. Truth is, you need this time to chillax on your turf with your tribe, or even by yourself, to ponder your most private thoughts. Just be careful not to get too loose-lipped about yourself (not that you would). Get back to your roots, and solve the riddle of what’s weighing you down – it could be the very same people you’re rooming with. The spell of self-soothing will finally run its course by February 19th, and you’ll feel alive and social.



You’re hankering for a vacation, as that old familiar feeling of wanderlust sets in after the lunar eclipse on January 31st. Still, Sagittarius, you shouldn’t travel too far. Go somewhere far enough to get you out of your routine, and to work out some of that restlessness – because it’s here for the long haul. Perhaps a wiser choice might be a good book or tv series set in some fantasy land that whisks you away from your ordinary world, but still allows you to be close to home. The neighborhood beckons your active involvement in all its events and community gatherings, and urges you to express your opinions. The 19th ushers in some siblings or sibling-like friends with whom you can communicate, and will help you feel settled.



The lunar eclipse marks a period of obsessive compulsive indulgence for you, Capricorn. You’ll find yourself consuming sensual things that make you feel secure and/or emotionally alive. Just don’t wallow in the bad stuff. The full moon may have made your focus more fetishistic in nature, but don’t worry, it’s a passing fad. In fact, by February 19th, you’re better able to focus on things not related to materialism and consumption. Until that time, you’ll find yourself clambering towards the lavish things in life, and shopping will bring you certain sense of serenity. It would be most beneficial for you to share your abundant indulgences with others to avoid attracting feelings of envy from those closest to you. Generosity will keep you from feeling like a hoarder.



This is the most prolific period for airing your artsy side, as your creative energy is ripe and ready for expression. Revel in the warm wishes and gifts from your friends and partners! But be weary of the ego boost this birthday month gives you, Aquarius. All of this self-celebration may make you blind to the feelings and intentions of others, and might even tamper with your objectivity. This is especially important after the lunar eclipse, when your relationships and partnerships are intensified. You’ll be better able to see the good, the bad, and the unpleasant side of your social connections. Come February 19th, you’ll turn on autopilot, and get a little lazier, preferring to treat yourself rather than project yourself. This natal sense of entitlement, though natural, should be kept in check.



Your emotions aren’t making decisions for you this month, Pisces, your practicality is (at east until mid February). January 31st gives you clarity and focus, not to mention a considerable amount of organizational willpower. But be sure to pay special attention to your habits and body care, because you need to smarten up and sleep before your birthday month. That old nagging feeling of dissolution will replace your ego just when you need it most. Fret not, and surrender (which is what you are great at), and let your unconscious lead you through a hazy maze of psychic and physical preparation. After the 19th, you’ll have gained a sense of clarity and refreshment that only rest can give. Before you know it, you’ll be energized!


Camille Liptak is The Cosmic Cannibal