by Tori Stephens, staff writer


English professor Brook Bhagat immerses us in the land of poetry, full of paradox, imagination, and nature in her new book Only Flying. Released in November, Bhagat’s work is a testament to the talented faculty here at PPCC.

A strong supporter of creative endeavors, Bhagat began a creative writing group for faculty and staff at PPCC called The Nearby Universe. She also encourages students and aspiring writers to never give up on their craft.

“If you really want it, choose to go after it, and don’t give up. Take writing classes and join writers’ groups and read and write like crazy,” she said.

Bhagat is regularly published and often participates in poetry readings, both on- and off-campus. In fact, she will be reading along with English professors Amie Sharp, Cindy Skaggs, and Carina Bissett at the Pikes Peak Library District entitled “Only Flying: Poems and Stories from Badass Women Writers” on December 3 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at MacLaren Hall, near the Downtown Studio Campus.

Bhagat regularly teaches poetry and creative writing, and still has space available in her spring semester courses.

“Love it and go for it– just remember that it’s not all you are. Otherwise, you can get afraid of failing, get afraid you’ll be a nobody if you don’t make it. That’s why some people don’t try in the first place,” she said.

Here’s the beginning of her book, an opening to her poem “The Mammoth”:

“You can’t do it. You are too small, too fat, too thin, too broken. You are not dressed, and your father is not with you. How can you ride the mammoth?”

The book is available for purchase on Amazon, and stores like Walmart and Barnes and Noble.