By Brian Pharies reporter

During Political Season, it may be helpful to know what the student political body at PPCC is and what it does.

The elected officials of Student Government at Pikes Peak Community College maintain offices at all three campuses and act as advocates for students and the college administration on far ranging topics involving student activities, student concerns, disputes with faculty, and other student-related issues that arise.

“Student Government acts on behalf of the students and is an advocate on all concerns and suggestions that students have for the college,” says Senator at Large, Trey O’Brien.

Student Government is composed of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, twelve senators and a State Student Advisory Council representative. Each individual position carries a one-year term.

Elections for Student Government are held each spring semester and are conducted through online ballots.

The candidates announce their intentions, and campaign, trying to convince students they can act in the best interest of their peers.

Current President Adonis Jaramillo says, “I enjoy all the fun with students and faculty, helping anybody that needs help, the administration and myself grow every day, and deal with problems and solutions to better PPCC.”

When students enroll at PPCC, a portion of their total tuition is deducted from moneys received and distributed to Student Government.

Any proposals presented to SG are discussed by the board and finally put forth to college Leadership, which can approve or disapprove.

If approval is given, the student body will vote to approve or not. This happened several years ago when students voted to approve a tuition increase to build the Child Development Centers at both the Centennial Campus and Rampart Range Campus, says O’Brien.

Student Government also funds clubs, which stimulates student involvement in extra-curricular events and activities around the school.

O’Brien said there is interest in a Student Government supported sporting club, with possible formation of a flag football team.

Whatever the members of Student Government are doing, they are working to make the student experience at PPCC a good one.


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