By Ryan Haller, Staff Writer

Student parking at the Downtown Campus can be difficult, not to mention expensive and unsafe.

Here’s how to navigate:

Students not close enough to walk or ride their bikes to campus can take the city bus free of charge with a current student ID, thanks to the school’s new bus pass system.

For students who have to drive, the first and most important step is to have a valid parking tag. The tag is completely free, so no need to fret about parking fees. To get yours, bring your current student ID to the Student Life Office in room S234 on weekdays.

Can’t make it on weekdays? The Student Life Office (The Grove) on the
Centennial Campus is open on weekends.

Next, make sure you leave your home with 10-15 minutes to spare in case:

  • There may not be a spot in the place you want.
  • The walk from the garage to your classroom islonger than you might think.
  • Use this time to validate your pass before class.

The validation machine is located in the ground level vending area next to the bookstore. Just look for the little gray box.

Knowing where NOT to go is important: for example, students are not allowed to use the faculty and staff lots on or near the campus, and they can’t part at the Depot kitty corner from the college.

Students CAN park at The Antlers parking garage located underneath the Antlers Hotel at 4 South Cascade Avenue.  Note: the garage entrance is actually on Pikes Peak Avenue across the street from PPCC and the Penrose Library parking lot (see photo).







Once in the garage:

  • Pull into the left lane, this kiosk

tends to break down much less

frequently than the right one.


  • Place your parking tag on your

rear view mirror so that it is visible.


  • Make all of the lefts down until you have reached the lowest level: P3


PRO TIP: Pull close enough to the ticket machine so you don’t have to open your door to press the button, watch how close your side view mirror is to the machine, and make sure you are within a comfortable reach.

  • Once you have reached the lower level, follow the signs right for student parking or left for overflow parking. The attendants are happy to guide you to where you need to go.

PRO TIP: If your class is on a weekday morning, head for the overflow parking first. Most of the time the main area by the stairwell is already full before Noon, so don’t waste your time. Afternoon parking is much more available.

PRO TIP: It’s tight in the garage! Turn your head lights on as you park to make sure you are taking up the least amount of room you can, but aren’t making contact with the wall or car in front of you.

  • Lock your car, remember where you parked (P3), make sure you have all the stuff you need and get to class on time!

ONE LAST PRO TIP: OH NO! Are you running late today? That’s OK. Always keep a few dollars worth of quarters in your car if you have don’t have time to park in the garage and have to find a meter.

Stay safe and park easy.