VPN’s, or Virtual Private Networks are a simple yet crucial way to secure your information.

My process involved starting with ways to protect my computer from malicious software. One of the results was a VPN and after reading all about what it is, I realized it is something everyone should use.

VPN’s make a private network online and make it harder for hackers to steal your private information.

VPN’s create a secure encryption. This means that someone would need a long and complex keyword combination to access their network.

With everyone mostly stuck at home in some way or another due to Covid, online activity, as well as hacker activity, has skyrocketed. With a VPN one can surf the web and be safer from malicious software.

“You are an essential ingredient in our ongoing effort to reduce Security Risk.” ―Kirsten Manthorne

What you can do to stay safe.

  • Be weary about what you click on the internet.
  • You should always use trusted security software on your computer.
  • Use a VPN for even extra protection!


Whether you’re a college student doing homework or an elderly playing online mahjong, a VPN can help protect all who use the internet. It serves as another line of defense to defend against those that want to use your computer for wrongful actions.

Doing the Research for this project showed me just how much danger is on the internet. It also showed me the steps I can take to better project myself and computer from harm. I think it is in everyone’s best interest to consider using a VPN. It could very well help to keep your private information safe from someone who wants to do harm.



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