The past seven months have been quite different for everyone around the world, my story is but a brief snippet of some of the big changes that have happened in my tiny part of the world. My working life did not change, I have been working as normal since before COVID-19, and I am blessed to be able to still be working. Many people have lost their jobs and so much more, so I am thankful I was able to work and make ends meet. At the start of COVID-19, a previous manager of mine needed a kidney transplant, not knowing if I would be a match, I began the testing process. I was not a match for my manager, but I was able to donate my kidney to a stranger in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. June 19th is when I joined the one kidney club! Due to COVID-19, I was unable to have any visitors with me, but the hospital staff were amazing and helped me during my recovery until I could get home. The COVID-19 pandemic is a memorable time in my life and now even more so since I donated a kidney. I recently heard from my recipient that lives in Philadelphia, and my kidney is working, and he is thriving. While so many negatives and hardships have come from COVID-19, I do look at the positives, I am alive and healthy and was able to help someone in need. I think that is a lesson that we could all live by, including myself, there are people out there that have lost everything in the last seven months, we all need to band together as a society and see what we can do for others.