By Marko Salopek, Student Editor


With summer break a distant memory and the fall semester in full swing, The Paper is thrilled to welcome all of our new and returning PPCC students.

This year is already shaping up to be excellent.

We have enlisted a new class of highly motivated and capable news writers who are chomping at the bit to report on all of the exciting goings-on at PPCC, so be sure to check out our weekly editions.

Good luck to everyone on their academic endeavors, and as always, if you have any juicy stories or anything that you feel should be reported on, feel free to send it to us through The Paper’s submissions page.

Thanks for all the shares!


Fall 2018 Staff pictured from left to right: Anna Higgs, Re’nesia Mills, Jacob Adams, Leslie James, Israel Larson, Raechel Morgan, Ryan Haller, Devon Martinez, Suzanne Seyfi, and Marko Salapek.

In front: Faculty Editors, Deidre Schoolcraft and Jenna Benson.

Not Pictured: Kelcey Westmoreland, Evelin Rivera-Cabral

PC: PPCC Student, Hayley Langdon