by Latrice Owens, staff writer

NBC’s The Voice is a singing competition and is known for discovering new talent. The contestants sing their hearts out for a chance to win a large cash prize and a record deal. Among the talented hopefuls competing in the current season is Tasha Jessen, whose blind audition performance of Leon Bridges’ ‘River’ earned her a coveted spot on the show.

She performed this song during her set at the west side’s best kept secret Ultra Flat Black Gallery & Lounge on April 29.

It was so refreshing to see Jessen, who is currently in the top 20, perform an unplugged set. This venue has such a laid-back vibe, so it was the perfect spot for
a cozy and intimate performance. It was awesome to see her connecting with the crowd throughout the night. Jessen sat amongst the crowd and casually interacted with fans before her performance.

She spoke openly about her experiences competing on The Voice and accepted many well wishes. Tasha’s performance was spot on and surely an unforgettable night for everyone there. She stopped mid-song twice to encourage everyone to sing along with her.

By the end of her set, Jessen was moved to tears.

She took the time to share some details about her upcoming new single. It’s a song that is inspired by her personal love story with her husband and is due to debut this summer. This song tells a story of hope and perseverance.

When asked to describe her signature sound Jessen said “I’m still trying to figure that out for me… I don’t want to limit myself to a genre. I just want to be able to tell the whole story with just music that sounds different so that’s the goal right now.”

When she’s not performing or co-writing music with her husband, Maverek, she enjoys strolling around the downtown Colorado Springs area or taking in a movie at Roadhouse Cinemas. You may also see her out walking with Dexter. He’s an eight-year-old German shepherd that she and her husband rescued in Mexico.

Props to Ultra Flat Black for giving artists like Tasha Jessen a chance to shine and for giving everyone a chance to enjoy some quality time getting to know an up-and-coming new artist. The battle on The Voice will rage on through the end of May. Tune in to see if this local singer grabs that grand prize!

Tasha Jessen at Ultra Flat Black Gallery & Lounge. Photo Credit: Latrice Owens