Why Cybersecurity is important for everyone

Everyone form CEOs to your grandmother should have basic cybersecurity knowledge. Most of the threats out there are successful because the everyday people help the attacker get the information, they need to cause damage.

Phishing attempts are successful because they work

This (above) is a phishing attempt email to get your Amazon account info.


A Spear phishing email (above). Used by gathering info on the intended victim to personalize  attack.


A graph (above) showing the moped used brands for phishing.


Everyone can be a victim; you need to know how to spot it

If you know what to look for it’s easy to avoid an attack.

When asked about the impact of successful phishing attacks, 60% of security leaders stated that their organization lost data, 52% experienced credential compromise, and 47% of organizations contended with ransomware.
In more eye-opening phishing attack statistics, although 93% of organizations measure the cost of phishing attacks in some way, only 60% of such organizations offer formal cyber security education to their users.

Phishing Attack Statistics:

  • 15 billion spam get sent out daily.
  • 30% of Phishing emails are opened.
  • 1 in 99 emails is a phishing email.
  • 65% of cyber attackers have used Spearfishing as a primary attack.


 Phishing attacks work and it’s a sad thing. More people need to learn the signs and one day hopefully it will be able to die as a multi-billion Doller industry. I want everyone to know that it can happen to them.

Anyone and everyone can be a victim of a phishing attack. Therefore, everyone from  a new employee to the CEO to your grandmother to you need to have a bit of cybersecurity knowledge to be able to detect and not fall victim to a phishing attack. Amazon will not ask for your login credentials and a bank will not ask you to transfer money. If you have a valid concern, call the place directly .