Why is it important for everyone to know about cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity allows victims advanced protection from everything like data protection and social media data protection, to even phishing. Anyone who has used an online platform has willingly or maybe unwillingly used some form of Cyber Defense.

A common way to access personal data; is through email links, this one of many examples of phishing (above).

This (above) is a scam that informs users they have new features; however, this link has malware attached that can be used to tap into that device’s software.

Since the advancements of technology identity theft strategies have advanced; yet counter measures are not being taken by users.


“ It’s becoming more likely that a business will be affected by a cyberattack rather than a traditional robbery.”  – Dominic Lill
People tend to think they are too “small” to be bothered with a cyber attack; yet  50 million Facebook accounts .


Windows offers “Windows Defender” as a default antivirus, however if your device does not have an antivirus there are many applications that can be downloaded to protect you and your information.



In my research, I found that many people have never been informed of what is possible while interacting with the internet. Using cautious measures can save your information and even identity.

Anyone can be a victim to  misinformation in cyber security. With our entire life’s posted to the internet many of us should learn to take more of cautious step into using the internet.





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