The IoT [internet of things] is the idea which is basically smart devices that you can control remotely via the internet. I am interested in this topic because it is an extremely unnecessary addition that will make life a little bit easier but can also lead the family with the device being hacked.

The Security Risks

The security risks of smart devices or devices that are considered under the IoT category is big. This is because most smart devices for some reason do not have good security at all. But in cyber security threat actors always go after the weakest link. Which in most home networks is a device that is connected to the internet for remote control with little to no security. At this point the network owner is asking for a hacker to hack them. But why would a hacker want to hack into some random persons network? Who knows it could be for some information, maybe to spy on them, or it could just be to ruin devices on the network. But whatever the motive behind the hacker is in the end it was an unnecessary security risk that should not have been there.

Smart Coffee Machine Problems

How much do you like your coffee being ready when you get out of bed? Is It enough to buy a smart coffee machine? Because if you, do you might just get your identity stolen via it. This is because on some coffee machines a phone app comes with it to control it that can be accessed if the said coffee machine is hacked. Now the hackers had a way to everything on your phone just because you wanted coffee a little bit earlier after you wake up.


These are the top devices that are prone to being hacked and most of them are IoT devices.

This topic can hopefully help people avoid unnecessary risks in security just because they decided to get the new smart fridge that tells them when they need groceries.

I think of Internet of Things differently because I already knew that they where unsecure, but I didn’t know that they could be hacked to gain access to more important things on the network.  It will help me go forward by knowing to try to avoid most devices on IoT or research then about how secure they are before buying them.