What you need to know to protect yourself!

Your personal, professional, and financial life will always be alive on the internet!

Shoulder Surfing!

This can be a computer, Cell Phone or even an ATM.



Be careful using Public WiFi! This is a Hackers Paradise. Always sign in through a VPN!



Never Ever Let A Stranger Borrow Your Phone!


One Password isn’t Enough!

“For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in!” -David Bernstein

Your house could be ransacked!

Keep your where abouts Private! The information you post could be used against you, even in a court of law.



I am skeptical about cybersecurity getting stronger.  I think the bad actors are the ones who are getting stronger.

It is almost impossible to live a life  OFFLINE! And that is sad.  A choice has already been made for us. There are 3 million Cybersecurity jobs unfilled. So, who is watching your back? You must be aware of On-Line dangers, and real-life lurkers.