By Student Editor Devon Martinez

Photo By Laura Domingue – PPCC Graduate

The college football season is reaching its end, and the teams in Colorado have had an extremely difficult season. Football is an unpredictable game, and the story behind this season has too many twists and turns that no sports journalists could have predicted.

So, let’s look back at this exciting year.

CU Buffalo:

This is a tough season for Colorado Buffalo fans, who have watched their team lose at home three times.

Head coach Mel Tucker had high goals for his team, and despite the constant losses, he remains hopeful after each game and stands behind his team.

He is adamant in his belief that CU has a bright future ahead of them.

Their 5-6 record exists due to inconsistent play by the entire team, this can be traced back to week one—to their Saturday win against Stanford, which ended a five-game losing streak that began with a home loss against the Arizona Wildcats on October 5th.

Senior quarterback Steven Montez is not to blame for every offensive inconsistency, despite fans calling for the coaches to bench him. This was in part, because of back to back losses against Oregon, and Washington State–where the offense scored a total of 13 points, and Montez threw six of his ten interceptions in both games.

The defense has allowed an average of 30.9 points-per-game, which is problematic because the offense scores an average of 24.2 points-per-game. This is a lot for a defense to allow.

Two straight wins have provided fans with a bright side for the future of the program. A hard-hitting defense that made stops in big situations and a powerful running game has been the difference in these two games.

Overall, CU is a young team, and it takes time for a coach to build a successful program. The closeness of the team and the commitment Tucker pledges for recruiting in-state players will hopefully provide CU fans with better years.

CSU Rams:

The CSU rams are slowly turning their season around. Despite, the 4-6 record, CSU has shown to be resilient in the face of adversity.

A loss against Arkansas in September also resulted in Quarterback Collin Hill tearing his ACL.

The team struggled for the next few games, but their luck changed in their seventh game against New Mexico.

Since then, the team has won three of their last five games.

Head Coach Mike Bobo’s future at CSU is dependent on the stretch run for the rest of the season. With three years left on his contract, the 1-5 start didn’t look so good. Currently, the team is 4-7, but it’s quite an improvement compared to where the season was headed earlier.

The Offense is the Brightside of this team, averaging 28.4 points-per-game, despite losing their star Quarterback. Second-string quarterback Patrick O’ Brien stepped up to the plate and is winning in big games and has a quarterback rating of 142.5. He’s thrown eight touchdowns, three-interception and 1,410 yards passing.

Last week the offense struggled against Wyoming, only scoring seven points.

The defense is inconsistent but has shown up in some big games.

Like the Buffs, this team is young, and if the coaching staff continues this end of season success for future years, and scouts the right players, this could be a top team in the next couple of years.

Air Force Falcons:

The Air Force Falcons are charging through their opponent this year—literally—and they might not stop anytime soon.

After rushing for more than 400 yards in week one, the offense is unable to turn off the gas as they took on difficult teams throughout the season.

Their two losses were against Boise State and their rival Navy. Both games were close throughout.

The Falcons have outscored opponents 392 to 231. Their offense has averaged over 35.6 points per game. Their defense has allowed 21 points-per-game.

With a 9-2 record, the Falcons have already won more games than last year; in 2018 they went 5-7.

Head coach Troy Calhoun’s record is 96-69, and this might be his best season.

Last week they beat the CSU Rams 38-21. Despite losing for three-quarters of the game, the Falcons ended the last quarter with 28 points. This game showed the resilience of a team that will not lose, despite having the cards stacked against them.

The only distraction for the Falcon’s came from the outside, due to a couple of former players facing court-martial over cocaine.

The future is bright for the Falcons, and if this season is providing insight into the future, then fans have a lot to look forward to.

Looking back this football season for Colorado fans has been full of surprises, and it’s been fun.

What’s been your favorite part of Colorado College football?