by Kat Atherton, staff writer

Like a hand-picked selection of music, carefully ripped onto a cassette and scribbled all over with love, Aarnie’s Mixtape leads from one short play to the next with intent and good humor.  

The compellation of one-act plays is unique, having been written, directed, and performed by current and past PPSC Students and staff, all of whom bring their perspectives and ideas to the production.  

The genre, arrangement, theme, and thought that goes into each detail and selection tells a special story that bounces the audience through profound conversations concerning post-Eden etymology, giggly Greek gods, terrifying dirty laundry, a gripping monolog from Death herself, and one really freaking annoying (and amazing) theater cat, before culminating in a literal dance party. 

There is something for everyone in this show, and something profound in each act. 

Aarnie’s Mixtape runs through April 23rd at the Studio West Campus at 22 N. Sierra Madre St. Tickets are free but space is limited. 

For more information, and to reserve seats, visit