By Dejanique Calloway

After years of planning, Pikes Peak Community College in collaboration with Arapahoe Community College, will offer its first Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Emergency Service Administration (EMA) beginning Fall of 2018.

Students pursuing the degree will learn how to effectively manage an array of public service agencies including law enforcement, and medical, fire, and forest services.

The program will also provide students with the essential skills required to lead and handle crises similar to the Fort Carson Fire and the Parkland Shooting.

“I think that this degree is super useful for anyone interested in going into public service careers especially in our current social, political, and economic climate,” said Zoology student Molly Corley. “We can use people that can respond to emergency situations, and Pikes Peak is a great place to obtain this degree”.

After obtaining the degree, graduates can pursue careers in local, state, and federal agencies in need of administration in emergency management.

This year alone Colorado has faced severe drought, resulting in numerous fires and predictions for more. As the need for crisis management increases locally and nationally, PPCC strives to fulfill the need to educate individuals in the Emergency Services field at an affordable price.

With the passing of Senate Bill 14-004, community colleges were granted the opportunity to offer four-year degrees to students and Pikes Peak is leading the pack to service their diverse communities in Colorado Springs.

“This is the first of many Bachelor’s degrees to come,” said PPCC President Lance Bolton. “It is important to note that as we remain committed to our two-year degrees and certificates, this expansion into [offering] four-year degrees really changes the definition of what we are as a community college.”

As PPCC celebrates 50 years of service, the Emergency Service Administration and forthcoming Nursing Bachelor’s serve as great accomplishments for the college.

“I think it’s going to be a good thing for PPCC,” said student Monica Lopez. “To have the experience to be able to quickly and effectively handle emergencies will benefit everyone.”

The Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences in Emergency Service Administration will initially be offered online, but is expected to be offered onsite by Fall of 2019.

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