Updating your computer softer ware is a good way to help keep your computer safe from known vires, so having your devices on automatic updates a great way to keep yourself protected.

Make your password long and have unique characteristics so that they aren’t easily guessed and have different passwords for every account.

Don’t download apps from suspicious site because they could be malware disguised as apps and games.

“From bank accounts to financial systems, power grids to air traffic controls – our most critical infrastructure remain attractive cyber targets, and if they are ever compromised, the effects could be devastating.”
– Mike Quigley about Cybersecurity


Finding what everyone should do in order to be safer on the internet is best for others and that they should always check to see if there’s anything off about the websites or Apps.

Always checking on the what website, what apps your using and passwords are great ways of keeping your self protected from malware that could steal your personal information.