Economics & Entrepreneurship Faculty Warren Munick helps coordinate rich discussions and connections between PPCC students and community leaders. The Economics Discussion Series is organized by students to bridge academic discussion with real world issues.

The format is question and answer. Questions are prepared based on students’ research, discussed in class, and delivered to guests in advance of their visit.
In 60-minutes, guests are asked to address these questions and be open to others that may come up during our discussion. This format allows all students and others who attend to ask what may be important to them.

This assignment encourages thinking beyond the classroom and enables students to discover the relevance of the course to multiple perspectives. Upon completion, students come to understand the challenges businesses and agencies face in today’s competitive economy and develop valuable connections essential in meeting the objectives of a strong business and college community.

Mondays & Wednesdays
9:30 am-10:30 am


Monday, December 6

THE MILITARY Guests: Paul DeCecco, Director, Gail Bicknell, Assistant Director, Bob Newcomb, Operations Manager, Sydney Stockmoe, Veteran Student Success Coordinator, PPCC Military Programs will discuss effective ways to empower military veterans to be successful in civilian life.

Wednesday December 8

ACTUARIAL ISSUES Guest: Katerina Kostin, Instructor, PPCC Math Department, Adam Southcott, Consultant, Certified Financial Manager, Institute of Management Accountants, TBA Concerned Actuaries* will discuss how actuarial science uses demographics to determine insurance premiums and payouts,
entitlements like Social Security and risk assessments for law enforcement.

Monday, December 13

AUTOMATION & THE GIG ECONOMY Guests: Stacey Burns, Co- founder and Chief Impact Officer, National Institute for Social Impact and Ronda Macrory, Business Coach, Founder, RondaReady System will discuss how the nature of work has changed and how work environments are adapting to globalization and new technology.

Wednesday December 15

THE INTERNET Guest: Nate Wadman, Assistant Professor, PPCC Computer Networking / Cybersecurity, Cisco Certified Academic Instructor will discuss the impact of broadband technology and efforts to reduce the digital divide in schools and business.

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