It’s that time of the year again, when we rush to register with the promise of a new semester in the air. You can almost smell the new classes in the air.

Registration can be daunting and the codes on the schedule can be hard to read, so here is the breakdown to help you figure it out.


PVC = Virtual (different than online; these classes meet via WebEx or Zoom during the scheduled time)

PDO = Downtown Studio Campus

PCE = Centennial Campus

PRR = Rampart Range Campus

PON* = PPCC Online

PCN* = Colorado Online (larger statewide courses)

**PON and PCN are two different online campuses. Try to enroll in a PON course before a PCN course because with PON, you are guaranteed a PPCC instructor. With the larger Colorado Online option, you may not have access to your instructor.**



PVCVRLREMOTE = Virtual Campus, meets on WebEx or Zoom during the hours in the schedule

PA = Centennial, A Building

PB = Centennial, B Building

PDO = Downtown

PRR = Rampart

PFC = Fort Carson

PPO Online = PPCC Online class

POL CCCOnline = Online class from larger Community College system


Days of week:

MW = Monday and Wednesday

TR = Tuesday and Thursday

F = Friday

S = Saturday


Check Dates:

Our courses run over different time frames. Some of our courses are late-starts, so they are 12 weeks long rather than 15. Make sure to check!