Introduction: What is like to be living in the 5G world?

We are lucky enough to be living in a world where 5G exists. The Fifth Generation(5G) of wireless technology brings the new capabilities, smart cities, smart cars into the world. Also, 5G shouldn’t be compared with 3G or 4G, because 5G has so much more to offer since it isn’t just designed for mobile.

What does 5G offer?

5G is meant to seamlessly connect a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the ability to scale down in data rates, power, and mobility.

Smart City

This is an image of a Smart City.

The concept of the ‘smart city’ is finally a reality. Cameras and sensors track everything including traffic, pedestrian movements, environmental changes, etc.

When will 5G be available?

Widespread usage of standalone 5G is not expected until at least 2022. But the goal remains to meet the requirements for communication and increasing data until then.


  • “5G will enable a fully connected, mobile, intelligent world.” – Asha Keddy, Vice President and General Manager of Intel
  • “We can control our homes, our cars, everything from a single device.” – Prof. Rahim Tafazolli, director of 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey

What changes does 5G make?

  • 100x Faster Download Speeds
  • 100x Network Capacity
  • 10x Lower Latency

Great News for Star Wars Fans!


5G will have major impact on both Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). Researchers at Microsoft have been exploring ‘holoportation’, which allows full-sized 3D holograms to appear via HoloLens AR Headset. You can finally have princess Leia standing on your table and talking to you! A true Star Wars moment!

My Thoughts

Reading about 5G made me wonder if living in the world with the technology 5G brings is a blessing or a curse since a lot of people are missing out on so many things due to the addiction to their “smart devices”, but our lives definitely have become more interesting because of it!


  • The transformational potential of 5G is unlimited.
  • 5G should not be compared with 3G or 4G which were designed and deployed mainly for mobile.
  • 5G will make your life more convenient.



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