Conveniences in Life: Technology versus Security. The advances in technology, such as wearable technology and mobile computing, has changed the way we live.  We are doing more things online – banking, shopping, posting thoughts/activities.  But are we doing it smartly and securely?

Things to Consider

  • A lot of information is being processed on computers and computer-like devices
  • Technology can be used to share and track vital information about your health
  • Technology tracks where you’ve been, when, and for how long
  • Just a joke or the true you? Postings can be interpreted differently by the reader or show your ignorance
  • Pictures you post on social media can be used by others to satisfy their agendas and not yours
  • And criminals are mining your info, too






Tips to Prevent Social Media-Assisted Crimes

  • Don’t list critical personal info online (address, phone numbers, names of family members, employer, school)
  • Know the people who have access to your personal info
  • Limit your friends to people who are actually your friends
  • Take full advantage of privacy settings
  • Avoid using mobile phone locator services such as Facebook Places. These give away your locations and timelines (advertises when you’re not at home)
  • Don’t chronicle your vacations on Facebook and other social media sites. Upload vacation updates and photos when you return home.
  • Be selective in posting pictures

Keeping Your Personal Information Secure Online

  • Be alert to imposters
  • Safely Dispose of Personal Info
  • Encrypt Your Data
  • Keep Passwords Private
  • Don’t Overshare on Social Networking Sites


People need to be more cognizant of how they are using online services and what they are posting. Most, if not all, companies are taking the necessary precautions to protect your data on their networks, but there is still the risk that it they will get hacked. Protecting your information is ultimately your responsibility.

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It provides the ability for people to become more efficient in their daily lives.  Online banking has provided the flexibility to conduct banking at our convenience without the need to leave work during business hours.  It provides the opportunity to shop without having to go to brick and mortar stores.  It allows us to keep friends and family informed and in the loop of what is going on.  With all this information, one must be sensitive to what is being provided online.  For the most part, businesses are doing a good job securing personal data about their customers.  However, there is always the chance criminals will get your data.  The best defense is to limit the amount of personal information you put online—the less information out there, the lower the chances of you being victimized.


Keeping Your Personal Information Secure Online:

Tips to Prevent Social Media-Assisted Crimes: