Keeping your desk clean can help keep your Cybersecurity intact. I choose this as I have noticed a few times, at my own place of work, how not following a clean desk protocol can leave a network vulnerable to attack if that sensitive data fell into the wrong hands.

Leaving a cluttered workspace can be dangerous, especially if you make a habit of writing down login information or walking away for a long time, having logins and passwords saved to lessen time to access programs with the computer left logged on or written on a sticky note left next to the computer.

This is an image of a very messy workspace.


  • Retraining may be needed when authorized users fail to adhere to stipulations the clean desk policy.
  • Instituting and training your employees in a clean desk policy, will aid in keeping work areas secure incase unauthorized users try to access the workspace.

Tips for Keeping a Clean-Desk Policy

  • Move papers with sensitive information into a safe.
  • Make sure to log off the computer when walking away.
  • Don’t use save password feature on computer with sensitive access accounts.
  • Log out of sensitive access accounts before logging off the computer.
  • Memorize passwords to minimize, sticky notes that could be left out and obtained by unauthorized users.


Leaving sensitive information and passwords written down and unsecured on the workspace can lead to costly damages and loss of data. A clean desk policy is easy and cost effective towards maintaining a secure work area so unauthorized users cannot walk in and access what they should not be.

This topic can teach people about the dangers of leaving sensitive data laying unsecured where anyone might walk in and gain access to it, potentially damaging the company or any person the company may be contracting with or serving. It can also apply at the home to one’s personal information and documents.