Introduction: Staying Safe While on the Road

Keeping your cyber information safe while traveling can be quite easy, yet extremely vital. Practicing safe online behavior can keep others from gaining access to your personal information.

What Can You Do?

Update Software

Keeping your software updated to the latest version can stop a potential bug in the previous version from being exploited by those with malicious intent.

Don’t Auto-Reconnect

With auto reconnect on your device will automatically try to reconnect with any network it assumes it’s connected to in the past, turn this off as others can gain access to your device via this route be mimicking the network.

Backup Your Files

Backing up your information is a necessary safety precaution. In the event your data is lost, you will always have an exact copy on file.  There are many different companies out there who offer this service at minimal cost.


“Why is it important?  Because it protects your PII (Personal Identifiable information) and protects your financial information.”

“A good practice would be to not connect to unsecured Wi-fi.”

“Don’t access banking websites/apps unless critical.”

-Scott Price (Costumer Service Lead Raytheon)


As the amount of technology in the common household grows, as do the number of cyber-attacks.  There were great leaps in number of cyber-attacks following the year 2013 as more electronic devices were made to be used daily.  People need to be made aware of risks that come with owning a device with access to the internet.  Especially when you’re traveling and encountering new threats at all times.