The ongoing pandemic introduced a host of socioeconomic issues throughout the globe, such as the massive migration to telework and forcing nearly every business capable of developing an internet platform to do so. Such a large boom within the internet created a major asset for cyber criminals looking to capitalize on the effects of a global pandemic. This spike in cybercrime in turn created numerous job opportunities for cyber security professionals. I believe that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may have paved the way for the future of the internet.

Following the declaration of a global pandemic, businesses were forced to close their doors as social distancing guidelines and lockdowns emerged. These closures spurred many successful businesses to develop online platforms for users to conveniently access from their homes.

While Covid-19 ravaged businesses with widespread closures, a massive migration was taking place for the workers of offices throughout the country. With the rise of teleworking and workers’ subsequent satisfaction with the freedom it entails, teleworking will likely impact the workforce for years to come (Lohrmann, 2021).

A rise in cybercrime ignited by the intense conditions of the pandemic early on led to a leap in cybersecurity job listings throughout the United States. Nationally over 500,000 opportunities exist as of 2021, and the influx of cyber security pros will surely benefit the security of the internet  (Rodriguez, 2021).

Chain of Events:

  • COVID-19 brings about closures throughout the world.
  • Determined businesses migrated to an online platform in order to accommodate the lockdown, and millions or workers transitioned into teleworking.
  • Cybercrime increases as a result of a massive influx in ecommerce.
  • Cyber security positions are created to fight the rise in cybercriminals.


Covid-19 undoubtedly left a big mark on the economy and created big changes in its wake. Teleworking and online platforms have become staples of many businesses, providing satisfaction and convenience to workers and consumers alike. This rise in ecommerce has drawn in prying eyes of those willing to take advantage of naïve consumers and insecure businesses alike. Ransomware and data breaches became more common in the wake of a pandemic which subsequently led to a greater need for cyber security professionals. While not all cyber security jobs may have been created as a result of Covid, it has certainly been a driving force in the explosion of security positions open within the US.


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