By Sapphire Gallegos, reporter

Seated comfortably inside classroom A150, Communications Professor Dorothy Williams had a huge smile on her face, excited to talk about her congratulations on the win of Adjunct Instructor of the Year.

“I am honored to be receiving this award,” Williams said as she sat up straight in her chair.

For twenty years, the professor has worked on teaching students communications skill and has dedicated her career toward helping her pupils.

With each class Williams’ goal has been to try to make a connection with students.

Williams explained, “I love sharing experiences, I enjoy mentoring students to success.”

Williams also enjoys the challenges she brings with each lesson.

Her hands placed together, Williams said, “I practice the higher tenant of learning: I’m tough but I’m fair.”

However, the skills to succeed are not just from William’s lectures, but also from the experiences outside of the classroom.

Past the pages of a textbook, the professor believes her students should embrace both the information and skills retained in class and apply them to their own lives.

“Save a sliver of something for yourself outside of school,” she said.

Whether it be a hike, a good time with friends, or exploring a new place, students should take the time to enjoy themselves outside of class. Williams loves teaching and PPCC is lucky to have her and her dedication to students.