By Sapphire Gallegos

New year, fresh start! It is time for PPCC students to get involved. How about starting a club? Whether it is music, sports, writing, or theater, Pikes Peak Community College provides an opportunity for students to create a community unique to them.

Before a club can get started, there are guidelines students must follow to have their club accepted.  According to Brian Pharies, Vice President of the Entrepreneurs’ Club, creators of the organization must include “a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.”

Along with these requirements, organizers should have a minimum of 10 members per club.

In addition, students must visit the Director of Student Life, Dawn Souza for review of their club constitution, which is developed by the four officers running the group.

When professor of Economics, Warren Munick began the Entrepreneurs Club five years ago,  the purpose of the club was to help members understand businesses and how to problem solve in the business world, Pharies said.

Clubs are allowed to do their own fundraisers, and Souza can help students navigate that.

Lastly, when all planning and funding is completed, it is important for group members and officers to come up with some goals for their club. With Pharies and his group he states, “this year we plan on adding more strength to our membership by trying to gain more recognition to our club. We also want to add more advocacy to our group as well as continue on with our projects such as our women and entrepreneurship project.”

Looking over all these steps, students should be able to gather an idea of what to expect when creating a club. If one has the time and commitment to get involved outside of the classroom, then creating a club is the perfect way to get the school year started right.