by Cat Rimbach, staff writer

The student government at PPSC is an easy and crucial way to get involved. Often overlooked, the student leadership at school is a great place to start addressing changes or new clubs that a student may want to implement.  

 Twice a month all positions of the student government meet. The senators and executives then have two meetings as separate positions each month. The elections for student government positions are held each spring, as well as voting on any issues that may need to be approved by students. Members of the student government also get the opportunity to meet with their “staff counterparts” once a month; the student president meets with the president of the college, vice president meets with the vice president of student services, etc. (Owen).  

 If a student is looking to get involved with their community, the student government offers a prime place to do so. Carolyn Owen mentions the fact that “SGA has a direct line to the Leadership of the college, so when there is an issue that a student brings up, the SGA can advocate for change”. As well as having that immediate connection to a higher power within the school system, the student government is also in charge of managing student clubs.  

 To access these perks of the student government one may apply to a position of the government itself or start a club they’d like to see around their community. The government also holds what are called “joint meetings” which are open to the public of PPSC. These can be used to bring up new clubs or concerns around campus. 

 To access dates of meetings or contact information of those involved with student government visit the ‘Student Government’ tab under ‘Student Life’ on the PPSC website homepage.