By Sapphire Gallegos, reporter


Students and faculty members gathered around the Atrium of Pikes Peak Community College at the Rampart Range Campus on October 23rd to ask some questions of PPCC President, Dr. Lance Bolton.

Eager for answers, attendees brought up topics that involved ways to improve the college. The first question concerned the school’s Facilities Master Plan and how college leadership will proceed with it.

Bolton explained that the plan will act as an outline of what the college will look like in the next ten years.

Focused on student needs across all three campuses, the school is on the road to improve space, activities, and services for the college.

The president and Leadership Council want to gather more resources for all demographics involved.

“We want to get everybody’s needs met as much as possible,” Bolton said.

He went on to say that he is especially wanting more help for PPCC’s large veteran population.

Happily for many students who love competitive sports, additional sports clubs will be added to the institution.

“The sports clubs we have right now include volleyball, karate, and even yoga,” said Bolton.

Since the college does not act like a typical university, though, college leadership agrees PPCC will better serve athletics at an intramural level.

As the college gets closer to the place where they can add sports clubs, leadership will hold a separate Q and A session for students to give feedback and get their questions answered.

Students and staff were interested when it came to the question about food prices for each of PPCC’s campuses.

One of the panel members discussed the reasons for the fluctuation in prices explaining it had to do with the contract source company itself.

Since food service at PPCC is run by a third party, the school does not have control of how sales are organized within the kitchen. Although the company is supposed to sell each item at the same price, equipment limitations are a part of the sales hike.

Lastly, a member of the Student Government Association wanted to know why it is hard to get more student participation from the Rampart Range Campus.

Grabbing the mic, Bolton said, “We have been trying different methods of how to organize these events better for the people here at the north campus. We have tried the lounge area upstairs, we were going to try the library…but unfortunately there has been little improvement from these tactics. We know some faculty and students have a hard time trying to plan to attend to these events and we do our best to plan our time conveniently.”

Q&A with the President happens once a semester at each campus.