By Cosmic Cannibal

February 15th marks the continuation of Valentines Day sentiments as 3 major astrological planets shift into Pisces. On the 17th and 18th, swift Mercury and the individualistic Sun catch up to beauty-seeking Venus, affecting our thoughts, will, and values (not to mention what we attract and how). The Piscean passage brings with it heavy dosages of illusion, imagination, and inconstancy. Don’t be surprised if, even after Valentine’s Day, you’re still hankering for poetry and Rom-Coms, as the shift from Aquarius to Pisces provides an endless appetite for all things quixotic.


This is a time of endings, Aries, and you are looking for closure. Free yourself from your present knee-deep uncertainty, and just do it (whatever “it” is) so you can move forward. You’re right to hope that this impending cessation will lead to something more promising, but you won’t see this until #Ariesseason starts. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in your 12th house are suppressing your usual will-in-action persona. Indeed, you’ll notice your mindset is clouded by emotions and passivity. It’s not your bag to be bogged down, but navel-gazing might prove to be your best friend these next few weeks.


You’re more talkative and inquisitive than usual, and on the lookout for some chill comrades with whom you can connect. Find your niche in a club or group that gives you the occasion to live the dreams you long stashed away since last year (PPCC has plenty of clubs you could join, btw). Venus, Mercury, and the Sun sextile your 11th house will make it easy for your objectives to see the light of day through outreach and conversations. Focus on your social mission, even if it’s a little self-centered and/or arty, and dramatic. Become amazed at what you attract.


Your career is calling out to you, Gemini, and you’d better answer it quickly before it hangs up the phone. Don’t overthink or overlook the opportunities in front of you. They are pearls of potential. With Venus, Mercury, and the Sun square your 10th house, ambitious thinking is skyrocketing to an apex of real-world success that will lead to some fruitful communication with the public. Still, you’re hesitant. And I get it (blame it on #Piscesseason). Practicality has never been your forte, but you need to snap out of your current dreamy spell to make a decision and manifest something real.


Though usually a homebody, Cancer, your lens is broadening. You are starting to see the big, wide world and all of its wonder. With Venus, Mercury, and the Sun trine your 9th house, you’re diving into pools of fanciful philosophies, which may change how you view yourself. Just be sure not to sink in the swamp of the past; your loony lagoon might overflow with false truths. Use this time to share your experiences with close ones. Journey to some place far away, and woolgather to your heart’s content. This short philosophizing phase will help you visualize the foreseeable future.


With a Lion’s roar, you are telling the world just how you ready you are for a personal transformation. Leo, you know what you want. In fact, you’ve always known, but your perception of success is tainted because you’re not seeing yourself and your inner child with clarity. Thank Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Pisces for that! As such, you’re broody and tender, keeping your warmth to yourself. A new fierce or fun haircut will claw you out of these doldrums, and prompt you to change your outer world. Moreover, think of all the compliments fresh fringe will attract!


Turn up the chumminess, Virgo, you’re all about relationships and involvement. Normally you’re not too keen on closeness, but from here on out, all you can think about is partnerships, and, dare I say, socialization. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun opposite your 7th house may cause some interactive inflammation if you’re alone for too long. People aren’t getting under your skin as much lately, but they will if you let them. Use your contacts wisely, and be prosaic about your affections and ideas. Don’t idealize or expect too much perfection from relationships (not that you would, you’re level-headed and shrewd, right?).


Nix the festivities, Libra, and get back to that day-to-day grind. Yes, you’ve let yourself and your self-care routine fall to the wayside, but now is the time to get back into shape! You of all people should know how important balance is. Venus, Mercury, and Sun help you to synchronize with your 6th house aims of improved health and selfless service. Just don’t judge others too harshly. Do some early spring cleaning to declutter your headspace, and develop a functional eating plan. Work to showcase your productivity, and maybe do a few acts of service to equalize your karma.


Get to the heart of your research, Scorpio, and take it to the extreme. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun trine your 5th house of pleasure, joy, and recreations. You’ll enjoy this time more if you take your all-or-nothing mindset and apply it to your investigative tasks. Get out of your nest and meet people. The emotional and psychological roller-coaster will thrill you. Just be on the watch for your passions. You like to fetishize things that excite you, and can quickly cast a shadow on typically light-hearted subjects, making things more mysterious than they need to be. Keep your cool.      


Venus, Mercury, and the Sun square your 4th house, and you’re finding a new appreciation and concern for family and home base. Domestic affairs are suddenly in the back of your mind, Sagittarius. That early February uprooting (a.k.a. unexpected eviction) made you shake a little bit in your boots, but you’re still alive and kicking. That’s because you’re spunky! And also because you have loved ones with vacant sofas. Use this move as a way to get involved with others, particularly those who are less fortunate or in some way lost. Your optimism can impact someone in a major way.


During these next few weeks, you’ll have a conflict of thought and feelings, which you can use to your advantage. A boost in mirthful mental activity will replace your vinegary attitude, and inject a sudden appreciation for art. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun sextile your 3rd house will have you yearning to get crafty and express yourself (and exorcise your cynicism). Your natural ambition and knack for enterprise is making you think mostly about how you can profit from the beautiful things you’ve made (because, Capricorn, you and I both know you’re an entrepreneur first, and an art lover second).


The 15th’s solar eclipse in your sign is giving you moonbeams of mania. You’re feeling fruitful, Aquarius, your mind is buzzing with profitable pursuits (thanks to Venus, Mercury, and the Sun semisextile your 2nd house). Use your innovative gifts to your advantage during some public gatherings, particularly ones where you can circulate or write about your ideas. Don’t get too delusional about upcoming projects that promise big bucks, though. Just when you think you’ve figured out the secret to success, you’ll lose your head (and your keys, as well as that important business card). Try romanticizing reality for a change. 


Ideas are brewing for you, Pisces, as you’re finding inspiration in everything you see. Your wit, tranquility, and understanding are also bubbling over. The Venus, Mercury, and Sun conjunction are cooking you a cosmic bisque of purpose, and you’re feeling expressive. This is your time for new beginnings! Some words of caution: Gird your gullibility to prevent any Don Quixote over-swooning. Wit can quickly turn to gossip if you glamorize lies long enough. And both tranquility and understanding can stagnate your individuality and lead you astray. Try being honest about your affections and beliefs, as opposed to reflecting those of others.

Camille Liptak is The Cosmic Cannibal. You may reach her at