We are excited to launch the Liberal Arts Humanities Forum (LAHF), to be held on December 3rd; this co-curricular event is an exciting way for you to gain experience and to share publicly what you are doing in your classes. We ask that you, as students, work closely with a faculty member to edit your work for presentation and publication on

A successful presentation will have the following qualities:
  1. Be supported by a faculty mentor.
  2. Shares a key concept learned in a liberal arts or humanities course.
  3. Be rooted in and supported by research and scholarship.
  4. Connected to the topic of Quality of Life: Happiness, Health, and Wellbeing.
  5. Reflects on the implications of the ideas being presented.


Since we are still in a middle of a pandemic, you will have an opportunity to present your work in two formats:
A live presentation format in ZOOM or through an online submission in collaboration with the EXPO and Parley. In the live ZOOM sessions, you will also have an opportunity to attend breakout sessions with other students.

We ask you to submit your entries by Monday, November 22nd for our committee to have time to display your work in an online format and to organize the ZOOM event.


If you are interested, follow the steps below.
  1. Use the approved LAHF Poster Template; scroll down to “Download Template”
  2. Or if a performance piece (like a podcast with poetry or a video of performance art), email us your intent, and we will follow up on additional instructions to submit your work.
  3. Email your work using to by November 22.
  4. Be prepared to attend on December 3rd if they choose to present live.


Kindest Regards,
Glenn Rohlfing


Attached you will find the template.

[easy_media_download url="" text="Download Template" color="purple_dark" width="200" ]


We are excited to have you be a part of this event. It’s open to all disciplines within and with connections to the Humanities and Liberal Arts: philosophy, history, humanities, literature, art history, music, theater, dance, sociology, communication, photography, graphic design, ethnic studies, social work and English… and much, much more.