Coming from a military background with zero experience and minimal training when it comes to Cyber Security, I learned how important it is to just do the basics. It doesn’t just stop with keeping our passwords hidden and changing them frequently, we have to actively keep up to date with the changing tactics of pirates and adjust to the  various scams and ways they are testing us.

“I have been working in the cyber security field for a long time for the military, and the one thing that I have learned is that complacency kills. When it comes to protecting yourself and others personally identifiable information, you can take no shortcuts and sometimes take the longer safer route pays off.” -SFC Adrian Sanchez Cyber Security Interview


Delete Sensitive Information
If it’s suspicious, report it



When you get down to brass tax, I really comes down to being complacent. The graph [above] shows that young Americans are careless with passwords due to laziness and complacency. We need to stay vigilant and continue to do our part in the fight against Cyber Terrorism and it starts with something as simple as protecting our passwords.