by Toby Salinas

Cyber security is a big and complex field. It takes a lot of studying and understanding to get it. Being able to learn about it from a teacher on even a friend will help you tremendously and make  you much more comfortable in the field and for any job you wanna pursue.

Ask other for help when you need it. working together doesn’t just benefit one person it benefits a whole. When a friend is having trouble with something cyber wise give them some tips and info that could better help them in the future. That knowledge would get passed along to many other people all because you decided to help.

The rapid growth of cyber attacks isn’t just targeted to a single business there are multiple that get attacked but not a lot of people know that nor do they know how to defend against them. Educating each other on these certain attacks will keep everyone happy and healthy.

This topic can teach others to always help each other because you never know who truly needs it. Also teaches that everyone is always still learning cyber security just like you. other situations this applies to is becoming a good leader and individual. once you are able to become comfortable doing these things people will start to look up to you.

My process was just to encourage others to help each other so that the information expands to every mind. i learned about myself that i want to be a leader and help as many people as possible.

What I think about my topic now is that if we do not do this now then in the future people will be lost or even more lost when it comes to cyber security. Being safe online is very important in todays age and its up to us to help each other out and be leaders in this new field that is rapidly growing. This is very important to me because this our future that is in our hands and we can control how secure things will get and we can encourage others to take it just as seriously so that everyone knows how to take care of their own self online and their businesses. This will impact a lot of people whether we decide not to help or we do help. Lets choose the latter and get to work so we can have a safer cyber future. #BeCyberSmart.



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