When shopping online plus gaming it is crucial to know what you are searching for while surfing the net. I chose this topic because not only did it help me out, but I also believe it will help others from online hackers. All internet users should be protected from online criminals.

I’m trying to teach the people about online dangers and the criminal activity of identity theft of online shopping and gaming.


  • you should be aware of online scams. Plus be careful when creating emails. Announcing and personal information about yourself.
  • double checking that you have a secure account when using a password. Don’t give out any personal information about your identity.

While going through my process with doing this I learned that paying attention to what you are doing on the internet is important Don’t give  more information that what you must.



what are some exposure to the internet – Search (bing.com)

16 Ways to Stay Safe While Online Shopping (hackread.com)