by Tucker Reeves, staff writer

As registration for Fall 2022 gears up, don’t forget there are many classes at PPCC that you might not think of right away. Here’s a short list on some interesting finds. Of course, if you are interested in these classes, be sure to talk to an advisor for guidance.

ART 138 – Film Photography

Film photography is a great course for those not only interested in photography as an art form, but also those who enjoy film making and cinema. This course aims to teach students how to shoot with and develop film to take black and white photos.

AST 155 – Astronomy of Ancient Cultures

If astronomy is something that interests you, but you’re not a fan of the mathematics involved, then Astronomy of Ancient Cultures may just be for you! This course is based on the historical use of astronomy to not only keep track of the stars but also to tell the time, practice religion, navigate the Earth, and so much more.

BIO 221 – Botany with Lab SC1

Requiring only the completion of BIO 111, General College Biology 1, Botany is a great step for people who appreciate the nature of the world. The lab section of this course provides students with the necessary hands-on experience to ensure that students maintain the materials learned over this course.

PHI 205 – Business Ethics

Looking for a general education course to fulfill your curriculum while still catering itself to learning valuable skills? Business Ethics covers the basics of workplace ethics, such as discrimination and worker’s rights, all the way to the much more complex field of whistleblowing and the morality of reporting workplace misconduct.

GEO 112 – Historical Geology

A course I personally took, Historical Geology was a great break from the typical lab-based sciences. Historical Geology is focused on learning the history of the world’s natural developments (I.E. rock and mountain formations) via the properties of the rocks that form within it.

AEC 104 – Architectural Drawing Theory

A class that not only suits the needs of architectural and engineering students, but also a great exercise class for those who enjoy art. Students not only draw 2D models that follow artistic values, but models will also be drawn based on appropriate scaling and structural integrity. If you wish to take your skills to a concentrated course, this won’t disappoint.

CAD 219 – 3DS Max

This is another class that is great for both artistic and engineering types. 3DS Max is a well-respected 3D modelling program used by many different industries from art to construction to engineering. Whether you are more interested in the arts or invested in the technical side, this class will not disappoint.

ENG 131 – Technical Writing 1

A great class for those looking for an elective course, looking to get knowledge on writing professional documents, or even for those who plan on transferring to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. This course is all about writing clean and sharp documents for professional settings. Also, this class can count for ENG 121–check with your advisors.

 HUM 163 – Film Criticism

If you appreciate the finer things of what makes movies great, then film criticism is right up your alley. Film criticism not only focuses on analyzing movies, but it also delves into the various ways that criticism can be performed and its impact on the films industry.

Dance (DAN) Classes!

Looking for a creative outlet, or even just a way to perform art via your body? Dance classes are a great way to get out there, express yourself, and even meet new people along the way.