Scorching sand blowing as fast as the wind carries it. Banging drums echoing distances away in various patterns and chants being sung aloud. Prayers around the campfire along with
poetry and art displayed on trees that have been artistically carved. Smoke puffs spotted miles away from the hilly savannas of Yopougon. A regular day in Yopougon. Cool afternoon breeze
settles in. Children playing in the sand pits and adults reading “Le Jeune Afrique” while eating Foutou and Attieke.

A light drizzle follows, cloudy skies settle in and the dust clears. Smoke puffs spotted miles away from the hilly savannas of Yopougon. Signaling distant tribes across the plains. Heavy thunder sounds. like symbols crashing and floods running down the river. Signaling distant tribes across the plains. Evening settles in and a calm orange sunset covers the landscape. Gazelles roaming the premises and monkeys swinging and laying on the trees. More animals screech and yell as people gather around huts about to begin worship. Food and offerings are made and prepared and celebrations take place to thank God for the day and the weather. Morning follows and the process repeats.

Except for one day.

Gloomy weather covered the land from morning to afternoon. Trouble possessed the sky and thunder and lightning flashing and heavy floods rushing. Runners seen from afar sprinting down the big hills and loud bangs unleashed. Panic set in every tribe. Men went outside and protected the land from the disastrous weather and fleeting animals while women and children praised God for forgiveness.

Distant tribes would offer help to other fallen villages but the help would take days to arrive. The cycle continues. Over and over the tribes were knocked down and built back up. Tribes grew and extended into multiple different subcultures of each other. Different languages start being spoken and tribes start finding more efficient means of communications. Large gliders were thrown high into the sky with different colors symbolizing various signals. Carvings of symbols and hieroglyphics were made into trees indicating directions for cattle. The land was never silent again. A new way of life was discovered. A brighter future was bright for Yopougon.

Years go by and traditions evolve. The tribes grow and some leave to expand and explore. Messages were sent with birds to distant tribes. Mornings were as peaceful as they were 100 years ago. Except flutes and drums filled the quiet land as people peacefully woke up. Children ate Bouille de Mille and headed off to school. They would learn to read and teenagers would help with animals and chores and learn about the bible. Music echoed all over the villages like a symphony. News spread around villages the same day with them being 100 miles away from each other. They
would trade information and offer aid in times of famish and times of danger all without having to exhaust themselves and be able to tend to each other in a timely manner.

As times pass, society grows, and technological advances start taking over, making things easier for people. Roads start being developed making traveling and trading more frequent and
easier. Tribes start merging and expanding in between each other, and cities start forming. Civilization officially conquers the night, electricity allows for lighting and people start
occupying the night time. Tribes are more self-sufficient, and don’t need aid from other villages other than to trade for necessities. Greed grows and hate influences the whole land.

As tribes start attacking others in the battle for resources, casualties rise and the land gets tense. News started being shown on Television stations like “Fraternite Matin” giving information on local festivities and war updates. Society developed a love for Entertainment and Faith. Incorporating dancing and offerings into their worship, which would take place all over the city. Multiple schools surrounded the area and cities had developed a sense of governing and leadership. Power became abused, creating a failing system. Revolutions happened all over and protests happened day and night.

Military tanks parked the streets and civil wars broke out in small clusters over the land. Tense anxiety was felt all over and terrorized the people for many decades. Till this day
there seems to be no end to this terror.