By Ocean Polly Randall, sometimes staff writer

When individuals question the purpose & value of their existence, they experience what is known as an existential crisis. Staff members at Parley Publishing, the publishing house at PPCC, announced on Wednesday they are collectively experiencing an existential crisis. “Nobody here at PPCC knows what Parley is, so I’m beginning to wonder if we really exist,” said Camille Liptak, Editor in Chief of Parley. Liptak claims the reason for Parley’s quandary of identity is due to a lack of submissions. “It’s very simple what we do: publish students’ poetry, prose, visual art, and photography, but without those things, I’m not sure what we are. I mean, do you?” According to its website, Parley is “a literary arts journal designed to showcase the creative and academic excellence of emerging & established artists in Colorado.” Liptak noted that Parley staff would gladly relay what that statement really means, but realize that nobody is likely to care, so the best course of action for those interested in getting their visual art or writing published would be to just submit. “Please,” Liptak begged, “someone submit something.”