The Mathematics department at PPSC is gearing up for its annual Mathematics Colloquium to showcase student work. Any student taking a mathematics course may present at the December 2nd event. So, now is the time to start working with professors and learning about this unique opportunity.


The colloquium was created to mimic academic conferences that experts in the field often attend throughout their academic career. This year’s event will welcome Keynote Speaker Dr. Leann Ferguson (bio below). Then, students will present their work to a like-minded audience, who will be there to support and take interest in discussing mathematics. It’s an enriching experience that is a great résumé builder and great practice for presenting.


Dr. Leann Ferguson

Dr. Leann Ferguson is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the United States Air Force Academy, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force.  Militarily, Dr. Ferguson has served in various technical and training assignments across several commands, including strategic planning, program management, and operations assessment for NATO and US Special Forces; responsive and relevant analyses and decision support (including lessons learned) for the Space Force; operational test and evaluation of the US’ Missile Warning system; as well officer training at the Air Force’s Officer Training School and Mathematics and Statistics instruction at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  She received her PhD from Indiana University for her work in Curriculum and Instruction, specifically Mathematics Education at the post-secondary level.  Currently, she is teaching Multivariate Calculus and proof-based Linear Algebra, facilitating a Calculus Teaching Practicum, and conducting research into Reflection as a Learning Tool and Faculty Development and Training.

Dr. Leann Ferguson


Any student taking a mathematics course at PPSC is welcome to present. Anyone is welcome as an audience member. Expect to find professors and other leaders in field there. It’s a great chance to connect and collaborate.


“As a concurrent enrollment instructor with Harrison School District 2, I viewed the Fall 2019 Math Colloquium as an educational opportunity for the most underserved students in our community. Following the conclusion of the event, I immediately sensed a newfound confidence and bearing in the students. They were so proud of what they had accomplished and spent the remainder of the semester bragging about their experience to their classmates. Many have since chosen to pursue new challenges to further their academic achievement.”

“I really enjoyed the Math Colloquium because I think that there is no better way to understand a concept well than teaching others or talking to others about it.”


When & Where?

The event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on December 2 in Centennial’s A-167.


  • Select your topic
  • Engage with your instructor
  • Do your research
  • Collect resources
  • Prepare your Expo Poster
  • Have your instructor review the poster, make suggested edits
  • Submit the poster by emailing it to
  • Rehearse in front of your friends
  • Watch other presenters

All resources and templates are available in the Mathematics Colloquium LibGuide.