By Anna Higgs, Staff Writer

Student Government (SGA) is at the heart of deciding what fun and exciting events happen at Pikes Peak Community College, in addition to advocating for students.

This year, SGA is headed up by PPCC student, President Lacey King. King ran for Student Government because she “was always interested in helping people.”

Here’s what SGA is working on right now:

  • providing hot chocolate days for PPCC students, to aid in the battle against Jack Frost and his winter breeze.
  • working with Faculty Senate on fixing the dangerous intersection in front of the Centennial Campus, with the goal of making it safer for everybody.
  • working with the SSAC (State Student Advisory Council), where they will be attending a conference in Washington D.C. to propose the action to lower the cost of books and online classes for all community colleges.
  • working with the art students to design empowering messages for men and women on the bathroom stalls. PPCC president, Lance Bolton, loved the idea.
  • sponsored Q&A with the Pres for students Nov. 6 – Nov. 8. Lunch was provided at the Downtown, Rampart, and Centennial campuses where students asked President Bolton their questions and shared their ideas of what they would like to see happen at the college. High on the list at all three sessions was student parking headaches and the need for better tutoring in the Learning Commons.
  • bringing Santa to PPCC: on Nov. 17, 2018 from 11a.m-3p.m, the Rampart Range Campus will host a “Family Pictures with Santa” event, in hopes of allowing kids of all ages to reconnect with their Christmas spirit and ask Santa what they want this year. Santa will take pictures with the young and old believers who want to snap a memory for the holiday. Admission is free for students and faculty with a valid PPCC ID. Community members are also welcome to join in on the action for a $5 donation fee per family. All donations will go to local charities that benefit families during the holiday season.

Student Council is always open to student ideas and concerns, and has suggestion boxes outside the SGA office at Centennial. If one wants to get information directly, there are usually at least two representatives at each campus, and cards with contact information for all of the SGA members can be found at the Grove at Centennial Campus.

Meet your Student Government here.

For more information, contact Courtney Bartlett  at (719)502-2091 or email Lacey King: