Pam Stratton began her career at Pikes Peak Community College in the Records office in 2007, serving in various positions including Tuition Classification Officer.

She recently transferred to Instructional Support as part of the FLAC team.  She has volunteered her time to serve on the Classified Council for the past several years.

Stratton was instrumental in seeing the Classified Employee Memorial Plaque project to fruition, and assisted with the Christmas Gift Basket Auction, which is one of the major fundraisers for the Classified Staff Group last year.

One of her nominators detailed her ability to overcome logistical issues and think outside the box to make sure that an employee recognition event – an Ice Cream Social for Classified Staff – took place and that all employees at all campuses and sites were included in some manner.

This may sound like no big deal, but it was no small endeavor. Her solution was innovative and resulted in cost savings for the council, all while staying within the state purchasing guidelines and rules. That is but one small example of Stratton’s work ethic and collaborative spirit.

In her job as Tuition Classification Officer, Stratton applied the regulations fairly and equitably with an eye toward doing what was best for the student as long as the college remained in compliance.

She always looks for ways to do things better and more efficiently.   She strives to make the work environment better and more cohesive by helping to plan and organize events that help strengthen the bond between colleagues, such as office potlucks and theme parties.  She is a strong communicator and understands how essential good communication is for a healthy work environment.

Stratton is an outstanding asset to Pikes Peak Community College and is extremely deserving of the honor of being named Classified Employee of the Year.