Introduction: Covid caused depression and how to combat it.

For many who suffer from depression, the global pandemic is a source of a lot of stress, frustration, confusion and despair.  With practices such as social distancing and isolation it becomes even harder for some people to learn how to connect to others, which can lead to feeling of being alone and unwanted.  The added economic tension and at times difficult to follow medical practices only add to this frustration.


Multiple factors of Covid cause stress, depression and anxiety such as:

  • Social distancing
  • Isolation
  • Economic pressure
  • Physical health
  • Health risks
  • Collective Anxiety



Its possible to help ourselves and others with:

  • Communication
  • Seeking help
  • Exercise schedules
  • Medical professionals



Look for signs of depression such as:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Loss of interest
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble with focus
  • Tiredness or fatigue


Suicide is likely to become a more pressing concern as the pandemic spreads and has longer-term effects on the general population, the economy, and vulnerable groups,”
-David Gunnell

“As humans, we often think that if the problem seems enormous, the solution has to be, and that isn’t really the case.”
-Dr. JoAnn Difede



Depression is more than just Covid, but affects millions on a daily basis.  You can help yourselves and loved ones by learning more about signs, symptoms and how to combat it.  Seek answers and help and you’ll be sure to find plenty of assistance.

My process was to apply a lot of what I already knew about Covid and depression then to look up resources and materials to see how the two relate.  I also applied my own personal experiences and what I knew to help or be a cause.

Being a person who suffers from depression myself I have realized that the pandemic has only served to fuel the usual problems and make my depression worse.  Given that I have had my own conflicts I hope to be able to provide some small assistance to others who might find themselves in a similar situation, regardless if they gained depression during Covid or if they have always suffered from it.  Covid has resulted in a lot of the community falling apart, and depression is a disease best fought with the assistance of others.  While Covid might be contagious depression thankfully is not, but that does not reduce its severity and we need to pay attention to both our physical health and our mental health as well.